Macelodeon - Macs, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll


Lass uns Wellenreiten

Björn - Wanderlust

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - Look for the woman

How Not To Adopt a Child From Africa

Now that celebrities like Brad and Angelina have made it super trendy to adopt babies from Africa, some naive couples are getting a little more than they bargained for.

Fleisch ist mein… Getränk

Meatwater is available in the flavors Beef Jerky, Beef Stroganof, Cheese Burger, Chicken Teriyaki, Dirty Hot Dog, Fish'n Chips, Hungarian Gulash, Italian Sausage, Peking Duck, Tandoori Chicken, Texas BBQ, and Wiener Schnitzel.

Be Your Own Pet - Food Fight!

GQ-Interview mit Keith Richards

How many chicks do you think you guys have in common?
Keith Richards: After Marianne [Faithfull], it’s a stable. [laughs]

More than five?
Keith Richards: No. I don’t want to mention other bitches’ names, because I’ve stolen quite a few off of him and, uh, he’s nudged his way into my lot, but not significantly. After the Anita thing, I made a point of stealing every bitch he had. [laughs]

But not his current one?
Keith Richards: [whispers] I wouldn’t take that one on!

At Mick’s gayest, how gay was he?
Keith Richards: It was camp.

Keith Richards: Yeah. It was all… I really have no idea if anyone ever shoved it up the shitter.

Do you regret not moisturizing your face?
Keith Richards: No. I leave that up to other people.

SxSW-Interview mit Carbon/Silicon (die neue Band von Mick Jones, ehem. The Clash, und Tony James, ehem. Sigue Sigue Sputnik)

Mit sehr lustiger Anruf-Unterbrechung bei ~ Minute 5.

USA 1939 - 1969

Nachkolorierte Foto-Impressionen. Landschaft, Architektur, Arbeits- und Alltagsleben.

Universal Axes Be Your Own Pet Songs Due to Violence

(...) three Get Awkward tunes were removed from the album's U.S. version at the last minute, having been deemed too violent by Universal Records. (Universal releases Be Your Own Pet's albums through a deal with the band's U.S. label, Ecstatic Peace.)

"Blow Yr Mind", "Black Hole", and "Becky" all appear on the international version of Get Awkward, released by XL Recordings.

Yes, Universal, an imprint of the Universal Music Group, home to such family-friendly artists as Eminem, 50 Cent, Marilyn Manson, and (formerly) Nine Inch Nails, thinks these songs are too violent to be heard by American audiences. Yes, this is the same company that once put out records by a band that calls itself ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. However, none of those acts features an adorable, barely post-teenage blonde girl as a frontwoman, as Be Your Own Pet do.

"I'm the king of the world... of Warcraft!"

Classic movie lines in WoW machinima

There will be Vader

A mashup of There Will Be Blood and Star Wars, with Daniel Plainview playing the part of Vader

Will This Upcoming Judd Apatow Movie Be Any Good?

This weekend sees yet another product of the Judd Apatow Comedy-Industrial Complex released into theaters, as the Owen Wilson comedy Drillbit Taylor makes its way to a multiplex near you. This is just the latest salvo from a producing-writing-directing machine whose last six films have made an estimated $754,000,000,000 at the box office and won four dozen Oscars. But it's apparent that not all Judd Apatow movies are created equal: Some are masterpieces of American comedy; some are simply funny movies without much cultural resonance; some are actually kind of bad. Given that there are dozens more on the way, how can you tell them apart? And how do you know if they'll be any good? Let Vulture's Department of Addition and Subtraction investigate!

SNES Super Mario Galaxy

Wie sähe Super Mario Galaxy aus, wenn es schon auf dem SNES gelaufen wäre.

Top 10 Software Easter Eggs

In Firefox, Google Earth, Excel...

Shellac Sisters

DJs who play 78s

Star Wars USB Flash Drives

mimoco proudly presents Star Wars mimobot Series Designer USB Flash Drives! Two of your favorite galaxies have collided to create a collection of Star Wars mimobot crossover characters. Each are available in 1GB, 2GB, & 4GB capacities and come preloaded with bonus removable Star Wars mimobot content like trailers (Series 1), the mimobot soundByte™ Application, icons, avatars, screensavers (Series 2), and wallpapers.

George Lucas: 'Fans may not like 'Indy 4''

"We know that for the fans it won't be the movie that they have been making in their minds for the last 19 years, so they all get bent out of shape. It's funny. I think it's funnier than the other ones, and it's exciting. So it's got all the stuff that all the other ones have. And Harrison's great in it."

Maximo Park - Terminal Velocity (Blamma! Blamma! remix)

The RGBs

hulu: Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.

Bei hulu kan man komplette Fernsehserien, Shows und Film online anschauen. Mit Werbung, dafür in voller Länge und legal. Allerdings (noch?) nicht von Deutschland aus.

Per Fernbedienung höhenversbarer Fernsehständer. Für echte Wii-Hardcore-Zocker.

Atari - Since 1972

Print-Anzeigen-Homage an dei frühe 8bit-Ära

Worth 1000: Vintage Ads

Werbung für moderne Dinge im Stile des frühen 20sten/späten 19ten Jahrunderts

Trailer: Big Buck Bunny

Kettcar - Graceland

StarCraft II Zerg, erstes Gameplay-Video

Neverland bei Nacht

Fotosafari durch das alte leere Park-Anwesen von Michael Jackson.

„When I grow up I want to be a starfighter pilot and fuck purple haired girls.“

Neue Bedeutungen in alten NES-Screenshots

Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - Misirlou (1963)

The Buffy guide to the Internet - 1997 style

Back in 1997, in an episode called "I, Robot...You, Jane", Joss Whedon pitched Buffy The Vampire Slayer against a demon that had invaded the Internet. This article looks at all of the computer and technology in the episode. Was Sunnydale High was a Mac or Windows school? What does demon possessed computer software look like? And how can techno-pagans build 'circles of protection' using chat room software alone...

Windows Vista is’ für’n Arsch

Fight Club typografisch

Weitere Typografische Filmszenen, von Kill Bill über V for Vendetta zu Psycho und The Big Lebowski

„Your momma ain't name you no damn Barack.“

Das Hip-Hop-Magazin XXLmag befragt den Rapper/Schauspieler DMX in einem Interview u.a. zum US-Präsidentschaftswahlkampf:

Are you following the presidential race?
DMX: Not at all.

You’re not? You know there’s a Black guy running, Barack Obama and then there’s Hillary Clinton.
DMX: His name is Barack?!

Barack Obama, yeah.
DMX: Barack?!

DMX: What the fuck is a Barack?! Barack Obama. Where he from, Africa?

Yeah, his dad is from Kenya.
DMX: Barack Obama?

DMX: What the fuck?! That ain't no fuckin' name, yo. That ain't that nigga's name. You can't be serious. Barack Obama. Get the fuck outta here.

You're telling me you haven't heard about him before.
DMX: I ain't really paying much attention.

I mean, it's pretty big if a Black...
DMX: Wow, Barack! The nigga's name is Barack. Barack? Nigga named Barack Obama. What the fuck, man?! Is he serious? That ain't his fuckin' name. Ima tell this nigga when I see him, "Stop that bullshit. Stop that bullshit" [laughs] "That ain't your fuckin' name." Your momma ain't name you no damn Barack.

Haxed by Megahurtz

A Wii game made by the mentally ill

World of Logotypes

Scans aus dem Buch „World of Logotypes“ von Mitte der 1970er

Chris Rock - No Sex in the Champagne Room

„No matter what the stripper tells you, there's no Sex in the Champagne Room! Sure, there's champagne in the champagne room. But you dont want champagne…“

Inspiriert durch Baz Luhrmanns ’Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)’, falls sich noch jemand daran erinnern kann.

Browserspiel: Robot Brawl

Ein von Intel gesponsortes Spiel: Baue deinen eigenen Roboter und trete damit online gegen andere an.

Ein lokales Backup seines Google-Mail-Accounts erstellen

The Onion: Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power?

„The President was just speaking to its ’Destroy all Humans‘-Base, happens every Election-Cycle“

Kurzfilm: Druckbolzen

The Teenagers - Love No

Five “Web 2.0“ ways to break up with your boyfriend

1. add unflattering Flickr tag, “Fat asshole with a unibrow”
2. change Facebook status to “He’s literally dead to me”

„Punk Rock means freedom“

Kurt Cobain Converse custom Chucks

„Have you ever heard of Virtual Reality? I'm telling you, it WILL be bigger than TV“

So, What Does "HREF" Stand For, Anyway?

Eine kleine HTML-Geschichtsstunde:

“A” is for “anchor”, “HREF” is for “hypertext reference”

Ryan Adams reviews the new Bob Mould CD

Modest Mouse - Fly Trapped In A Jar

Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs

24. Juni 2008

The Origin Of The iChat UI

Drawn in ClarisWorks, April 21, 1997.

100 Digital-Wecker, die gleichzeitig losgehen

Róisín Murphy - You Know Me Better

Selbstmord per Roboter

An 81-year-old man from Queensland, Australia reportedly built a robot to kill him. Details are very slim, but according to Fox News he found the plans online to make a machine that would automatically fire a gun.

Dubai from the Sky

Luftaufnahmen von Dubai

The Type Junkie

Portishead - Machine Gun

A Logo Can Make You ’Think Different’

Whether you are a Mac person or a PC person, even the briefest exposure to the Apple logo may make you behave more creatively, according to recent research from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the University of Waterloo, Canada.

You are a purple felcher who likes to rave with horses

Finde raus—mit 4 Klicks—wer und was Du bist.

SpOn einestages: Der Sportler-Strich von München

Männchen mit Kugel am Bein = Fußballer. Figur mit Dreieckbauch = Damenklo. Für die Olympischen Spiele 1972 in München erfand der Grafiker Otl Aicher Piktogramme, die unsere Kommunikation revolutionierten. Heute dienen sie als Esperanto der Globalisierung.

This Side of the Truth

This Side of the Truth ist der erste Film Ricky Gervais als Regisseur und Autor.

Latest cast additions just confirmed - John Hodgeman, Tina Fey, Christopher Guest, Jeffrey Tambor join Louis CK, Rob Lowe, Jonah Hill, Jennifer Garner.
Oh and me, Ricky Gervais, obviously. Not a bad cast for a comedy.

Die CSU steht für Videoüberwachung

Ein Googol

Eine eins mit 100 Nullen

Trailer: Pineapple Express

„From the Guys that brought you SUPERBAD“

Gorillaz - Rock It

Stephen Fry's Podgrams

Neuer Podcast von (Thou shalt not question) Stephen Fry.

10 reasons why the PS3 is relevant again

Blu-Ray, LittleBigPlanet und acht andere.

How to Defend Your Coffee Habit

Tipps gegen die Koffeinsucht

Baile del Karramarro

The Awesome Highlighter

„Awesome Highlighter“ ist eine Webanwendung, die einem erlaubt jeden Text auf einer beliebigen Seite zu markieren, wenn man z.B. einen Link versendet und auf einen ganz bestimmten Bereich in der Seiten hinweisen möchte.

Das Mac OS X Dock in Javascript

Apple’s Mac OS X operating system is renowned for its fluid graphical effects. One impressive feature is the dock’s ‘fish-eye’ effect, whereby icons expand and contract as the mouse moves over them. Achieving this effect in JavaScript is difficult, but the MacStyleDock function allows this feature to be implemented easily.

80ies 1337ness

10 trends that will define logo design in 2008

Logos are the ultimate mark of distinction and everyone loves them. We see logos everyday - on the highways, on consumer goods, on the Web and in the institutions and organizations we support. Read about the different types of logo designs here and learn what principles and techniques are used to create them.

Radiohead - Ceremony (Joy Division Cover)

Improv Everywhere: Food Court Musical

Theater und Gesang im Kaufhaus-Bistro.

Alles Wasser, alle Luft der Erde, in je einer Kugel zusammengefasst

Erster Trailer zu „Lost Boys 2“

Eddie And Keith Are Listening To…

Eddie Argos von Art Brut spielt zusammen mit seinem Kumpel Keith in dessen Wohnzimmer Coverversionen ein.

First Look at StarCraft II Zerg

In Südkorea mit Handycam abgefilmter Zerg-Trailer zu Star Craft II. Woohoo!

Vintage-Video: DAF - Der Räuber und der Prinz - Pitchfork to Launch Online Music TV Channel

The 24-hour music network was such a great concept. What happened? Given music's nearly inexhaustible supply of notable artists and genres, there are no limits to how deeply it can be explored. But despite all the footage we've seen of high-profile rock and pop artists hitting their creative strides, similar documents of independent artists are far less accessible, if they exist at all.

In recent years, independent film networks have dedicated themselves to the respectful and intelligent treatment of classic and underground cinema. But independent music has never had a permanent home. So today, we're proud to announce the April 7 beta launch of, the first-ever music video channel dedicated to documenting independent music as it happens. As a visual extension of the music coverage Pitchfork has provided for more than a decade, and a means of updating and advancing the music television format, the online channel will bring you closer to the artists you love, through original mini-documentaries, secret rooftop and basement sessions, full concerts, exclusive interviews, and the most carefully curated selection of music videos online.

Trailer: Fleisch ist mein Gemüse

Der Film zum Hörbuch zum Buch von Heinz ‘Heinzer‘ Strunk

Dossier zum Thema Urheberrecht von der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Kann der deutsche Gesetzgeber bei seinen Entscheidungen zum Urheberrecht frei schalten und walten? Was ist der Unterschied zwischen "Urheberrecht" und "Copyright"? Welche anderen Formen geistigen Eigentums gibt es sonst noch? Fünf Schaubilder beantworten diese und andere Fragen und geben so eine anschauliche Schnelltour durch die Grundlagen des Urheberrechts.

Windmill - Tokyo Moon

The Museum of Hoaxes

The Museum of Hoaxes is dedicated to promoting knowledge about hoaxes. On our blog (to the left) we post about dubious-sounding claims — and whatever else strikes our fancy. The site is also home to the Hoaxipedia, the museum's online encyclopedia of hoaxes.

Auto-Tune Abuse in Pop Music - 10 Examples

When used noticeably, an auto-tuner produces what most call "The Cher Effect", named for her trademark sound in the song Believe*. (In essence, we named the effect like scientists naming a new disease after its first victim.) Treated this heavily, a vocal track sounds synthetic, and obviously processed.

DJ Doc Rok presents: The Biggie Hendrix Experience

Jimi Hendrix/Notorious B.I.G. Mash-Up-Album

Arrested Development Documentary - Trailer

Der Film zu “Arrested Development” ist leider noch nicht vollständig in trockenen Tüchern. Als Übergangslösung haben sich ein paar Fans herangemacht, eine Dokumentation über die beste Sitcom der Welt zu drehen.

Doctor Who: Fortsetzung bei ProSieben

Nur wenige Wochen nach der Absetzung der Serie am Samstagvorabend gab ProSieben bekannt, „Doctor Who“ ab dem 13. April wieder ins Programm nehmen zu wollen.

De:Bug: Beyond Surface / Toca Me 2008 – Fazit

Nachlese der Design Konferenz in München

Ola Podrida - Lost & Found

einestages: Geheimkonzert von Depeche Mode in der DDR

Andere sind weniger vertraut mit den Regeln im Musikgeschäft. Ohne Probleme gelingt es Zeitzeuge Rocco Ganzert, mit seinem Kassettenrekorder in die Halle zu gelangen. Dass es verboten sei, Konzerte mitzuschneiden, hat er zuvor in der Bravo gelesen. Doch bis zu den FDJ-Ordnern ist diese Information wohl nicht durchgedrungen.

Malkmus a Emporter

Stephen Malkmus in der „The Take-Away Shows“-Konzertreihe von La Blogotheque

Helvetica, der Film

Die Dokumentation zur Schrift ist nun bei Google Video vollständig anzuschauen.

Die Erde und der Mond vom Mars aus gesehen

Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul (Unofficial Video, starring ?uestlove)

The second single from the highly anticipated The Odd Couple sophomore effort has moved our hero ?uesto so much he begged and begged and begged Sir Mouse could he leak it first on the net.

well....he kinda went further and shot a clip while he shoulda been napping before showtime.

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Wahrcomputer-Hersteller Diebold entschuldigt sich für den Systemfehler. Kandidaten machen trotzdem mit ihren Kampagnen weiter.

The Touch - Le Night Dominator

Lost - Das Spiel

Eine Rezension zu „Lost - Das Spiel“, das letzte Woche erschienen. Nicht lesen wer die aktuellen Folgen noch nicht gesehen und Angst vor Spoilern hat.

Major League Eating: The Game

Hot-Dog-Wettessen als Videospiel auf der Wii

The Killing of a Chinese Cookie

What do Powerball, the planet Mars and sexual innuendos have in common? Fortune cookies of course! Filmmaker Derek Shimoda invites us to take a closer look at a little something taken for granted at the end of nearly every Chinese restaurant meal. Who started it all? Was it a Japanese landscape designer, a Japanese confectioner or a Chinese noodle maker? Was its birthplace in San Francisco or Los Angeles? And who writes those fortunes anyway?

R.I.P. Polaroid

Real Life Starcraft

Ever wonder what it would be like if Starcraft was real...

Und natürlich auch als Upgrade: Real Life Broodwar.

Adobe’s Magic Lens

Adobe wagt sich in den Hardware-Markt und hat eine Fotolinse vorgestellt mit dem man nachträglich die Tiefenschärfe und den Winkel einer Fotografie ändern kann.

Zier-Typographie aus dem 18. Jahrhundert

The Greatest Nintendo Games of All Times - Direkt im Browser spielen

Super Mario Brothers 1-3, Telda, Tetris, Bouble Bobble, Ghosts ’N Gobblins,…

7 (More) Unusually Geeky Approaches to Graffiti

From Remote-Control Robots to Digital Pixel Writing

7 Unusually Geeky Street Graffiti Projects: From Digitized Spray-Painting to Physical Hyperlinking

What makes great graffiti into geek graffiti? It can be the approach, using nifty computer equipment to generate graffiti (for example). It can also be the content, as in the case of pixelated, projected or or even “physically hyperlinked” street art. The following examples span the spectrum but share elements only a geek can fully appreciate.

Art of the Mix Tape

Digital music makes it easy to burn a CD of your favorite songs, but creating a mix masterpiece takes time, dedication, and a penchant for irony. Mixologist Drew Gemmer lends his expert advice on assembling the most distinguished of tracklists.

Da Shatner Funk

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