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Michel Gondry Wants You To Watch These 25 Music Videos

Video DownloadHelper — Media download Firefox extension

DownloadHelper is (also) a free Firefox extension for downloading videos and images from many sites with minimum effort.

Stormtrooper High Heels

„If Luke had worn these on the Death Star, Leia would have never said he was too short to be a stormtrooper.“

„Meint ihr nicht, wir könnten uns in Äther braten lassen...?“

Und ich hab die Tour verpasst…

The Website Is Down

„Sales Guy vs. Web Dude“

The Simpsons Map for Quake III Arena

Wie baue ich einen Autokorso?

Dass Fahren ohne Anschnallgurt, mit Alkohol oder über rote Ampeln auch in Zeiten der Fußball-EM keine Kavaliersdelikte sind, dürfte jedem klar sein. Dass es darüberhinaus aber auch klare Regeln und Vorschriften gibt, wer sich wie im Straßenverkehr über den Sieg seiner Mannschaft freuen darf, darauf macht die Polizei aufmerksam.

Diesel Sweeties: The Full Spectrum of Hipster Kryptonite

„You’re the one talking like Weezer’s still relevant“

The Last Shadow Puppets - Standing Next to Me

Quiz: Troy McClure Film

…or Actual Terrible Movie?

Trailer: Afro Ninja - The Movie

Designers alphabet

Blue Art Studio's A-Z Nero

MGMT - Time To Pretend

No Country For Old Men, Storyboard-Zeichnungen

The Secret History of Star Wars

Wired-Review: Penny Arcade Adventures

The creators of the webcomic Penny Arcade could not have taken lightly the decision to create their own videogame. Having spent the last few years voicing some of game criticism's most no-holds-barred opinions and gaining legions of fans in the process, they had no choice but to deliver a high-quality product.

Luckily, Penny Arcade Adventures lives up as well as any game could to an overabundance of hype. That is to say, while it does try to bite off a great deal more than it can chew -- and suffers for it -- the game is a solid, clever, hilarious piece of entertainment that will more than please its audience.

Top 11 Signs You're at a Geek BBQ

9. There's a clear blue sky, the temp is 78 degrees, with a light breeze, yet everyone is still in the basement.

Firefox 3 Download Day

Heute den neuen Fux herunterladen und am Weltrekord teilhaben.

Kakkmaddafakka - Cool

Grand Theft Auto IV - Die Nackte Kanone

How Battlestar Copied (And Improved On) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

There's an obscure 1990s show called Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It shares a lot of the same ideas and themes as BSG — which isn't surprising, since BSG re-creator Ronald D. Moore and two other BSG writers worked on DS9. A roundup of the DS9/BSG similarities — and how BSG is better. With old spoilers.

World of World of Warcraft

'Warcraft' Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing 'Warcraft'

Dr. Sarah's Futurama Math

Mathematics in the Year 3000

Those Dancing Days - Run Run

Stromfresser PS3

According to a study by Australian consumer group Choice, video game consoles such as Sony Playstation 3 consumes five times more energy than a medium sized refrigerator.

Origami Now

Select a model to begin folding

The Mashup Preservation Society

The mission of the Mashup Preservation Society is to casually document, record and protect the music of the audio „mashup“ style. In general, a mashup is a post-turntablist method of combining elements of two or more songs together to form a new creative. In traditional formats, this includes combining an acapella or vocal track from one song and placing it over an instrumental or dub of another. However, this style can quickly become very complex and lead to creative expression and interpretation regarding editing, mixing and production. In many cases, the result can be a completely new piece of art that would never have existed before otherwise. In others, the result may be as simple as a parody or witty cut-up.

The 6 Most Unrealistic Movie Workouts

Going to the gym once a month and expecting to get ripped is no more ridiculous than the training regimes suggested by these movies. Grab your water bottle, sandbags, passport, and power tools, and let's do this!

Digital Forensics: 5 Ways to Spot a Fake Photo

The Rise of Hardcore Punk in Corpus Christi

Punk rock finally arrived in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1986. At the year's outset, there was no local scene to speak of, save a few lost souls banging away on cheap equipment in utter isolation. But by year's end, the city's fledgling scene had hosted two national hardcore acts - Die Kreuzen and M.D.C., two bands blazing very different trails across the national music scene. More importantly, Corpus now boasted a flagship hardcore act named after an early 12th century temple built for King Suryavarman II of Cambodia. Angkor Wat was a powerful hardcore quintet that would soon set the standard for an emerging music scene the band had mostly put together itself.

Isaac Asimov - Threats to Humanity

How can Humanity Survive Itself? Asked and answered by Isaac Asimov (died April 6, 1992), American Humanist Association President, science fiction writer, futurist and author of over 500 books. In this excerpt he explains the threats to humanity. In Part 2 he gives his solution. This talk was given at The Humanist Institute, in the New York Society For Ethical Culture. The complete 44 minute talk with Q&A is at

100 movies in 100 days

Scott watched 100 movies in 100 days, and reviewed them all.

Was sich Google bei seinem neuen Favicon gedacht hat

You may have noticed that Google has a new favicon, the small icon you see in your browser next to the URL or in your bookmarks list. Some people have wondered why we changed our favicon -- after all, we hadn't in 8.5 years(!). The reason is that we wanted to develop a set of icons that would scale better to some new platforms like the iPhone and other mobile devices. So the new favicon is one of those, but we've also developed a group of logo-based icons that all hang together as a unified set.

Euro '08 Google Maps Mashup

Die Stadien und die Spiele der Fußball EM 2008

Inner city snail

Graffiti auf Schnecken - a slow-moving street art project

Fettes Brot - Erdbeben

The Science of Battlestar Galactica

Can subcultures still thrive in the glare of the digital age?

The next subculture or underground movement will not be discovered behind the door of a secret handshake speakeasy somewhere in East Berlin, but in the center of Alexanderplatz; hiding in plain sight, everywhere and nowhere, simultaneously.

Morrissey - All You Need Is Me

Morrissey in bunt und fröhlich und mit Tamburin. Aber will man sowas wirklich sehen?

Erfinder der "Pringles"-Röhre in Dose beerdigt

1970 bekam Frederic Baur ein Patent für die charakteristische Verpackung der "Pringles"-Chips. Auf die röhrenförmige Dose war er sehr stolz. Konsequenterweise wünschte er sich, nach seinem Tod verbrannt und in einer "Pringles"-Dose beerdigt zu werden. Seine Kinder folgten nun diesem Wunsch.

Seth Rogen Smoking Weed On Television?

It's not clear whether actor Seth Rogen is smoking marijuana, or something else, in this appearance at MTV's movie awards, which were televised live. But there are three thing you can say for sure. One, the camera pulls back, as though the network wants to obscure the smoking. Two, Rogen just earned some serious publicity for his upcoming stoner film, Pineapple Express, part of a resurgence for the genre of pot movies, which Hollywood considers cheap to produce but highly profitable. And, third, someone is going to get seriously scolded by various media watchdog groups for promoting marijuana use on national television, whether the weed is real or not.

Sid Maier: On a Winf and a Dare

If it wasn’t for a dare, we might never have been able to play Sid Meier’s Civilization series, Alpha Centauri, and other classic strategy games. “In the late 1970s,” recalls Meier, “Bill Stealey and I were working together at a company in Maryland. While attending a business conference, we decided to play a flight-sim arcade game during one of the breaks. Bill was really impressed that I kept winning, but I told him that I could tell what the AI was going to do each time, so it was easy to win.”

Uganda Skateboard Union's Video Preview

The Uganda Skateboard Union has been successfully operating in a suburb of Kampala for over a year now. The organization is fighting idleness and boredom by introducing skateboarding to disadvantaged youth. The skate park shown in the video is the first and only park in the country and it was built entirely by hand by the youth of the community.


Back to the Futura

The Nintendo Cereal System

Tastatur-Kürzbefehle für die Ebenenpalette in Photoshop

It's a sign you know your way around Photoshop when you've mastered the keyboard shortcuts for the Layers palette. Here is a quick reminder: Combine the bracket keys [ or ] with Option/ALT to select the layer above or below; Use Command/Control to move your selected layer up and down.

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